The Tudor Christmas festivities came, and went. And so did the crowds! Over one thousand visitors on Saturday enjoyed crafts, costumes, falcons, the table (not quite set for a King, but pretty good), martial arts, reindeer and friendly, happy company.

Thank you to the so many concerned in the preparation of it all – Owain Hughes, whose idea it all was; the sewing ladies; the pastry chefs and craftspeople; the decorators; the Albion Historical Falconry team; our friends from the Reindeer Centre,; the Salisbury Playhouse (for costumes); staff and volunteers; the Director (for letting us have real Tudor items on the table, and birds inside our beautiful King’s Room); David Davies who played the harpsichord beautifully and the man with the fife and drum, Jonathan Weekes!

And if there are any visitors reading this blog…….. Thank you for coming.

The decorations and table will remain on display until Twelfth Night, as is fitting.