Made by Horace Hinton Uphill….

From a blog item February 2020 (click to read again)

In the 2020 blog I wrote that little was known about these miniature items in The Salisbury Museum collection, or about the maker. Well, now we know more……

We have had contact from Trish Preston, whose cousin, Judith Batchelor, who is related to the craftsman who produced these lovely miniatures – Horace Hinton Uphill, born in Wilton in 1898. Judith writes about him and the family here. Judith is also a genealogist and her website and blog page are also well worth a look.

I like the introduction to one page on her website which begins “My aim in writing this blog, UNLOCKING THE DOOR TO YOUR PAST, is to share my passion for family history.  By sharing the stories, I hope to inspire you to give a voice to the characters that inhabit your records and live in your head.  Keep the memory alive of those that have vanished from our collective memory, breathe life into them, get to know them better”

And from Judith herself, late today:

“I am so glad that you enjoyed the article. Many thanks for sharing the photographs of Horace’s miniature work that you have on display at the Museum. His wife, Dulcie, chose a great home for them and I am sure they are admired by many visitors today.”