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Pompi Parry and Peter Read both spotted this building (posted on Tuesday 19th May) as the Alderbury drinking trough. Alan Clarke tells us:

Alderbury drinking trough.  Erected by the Parishioners of Alderbury in grateful acknowledgement of the great kindness and generosity of JACOB sixth earl of Radnor in providing an abundant supply of water and in commemoration of the coronation of King Edward VII – Augst 9th 1902 -Engineers, Merryweather & Sons London

If you take the original road to Alderbury, just past the Green Dragon Inn, you will see this watering point built for horses.

There is a second plaque on the structure. See the last image here.

These columns and capitals are taken from the cloisters of Ivychurch Priory 12th century

Note Merryweather went on to make fire engines.

Thank you Alan. And we have more on Ivychurch Piory…

The  monastery of Ivychurch, also called Monasterium Ederosum or ‘Ederose’ was claimed in 1274 to have been a royal foundation of King Stephen, based upon a small minster chapel dependent upon Alderbury church. The minster had a 12th-century cloister, and became the priory church, which also served as the parish church for the inhabitants of the Clarendon area , throughout the Mediæval period.  Its importance and fortune waxed and waned through the centuries and it was dissolved, along with all other monastic houses, in the mid 16th century (Henry VIII’s Dissolution of the Monasteries). It became a private house (Ivychurch Farm, Alderbury, remains on the site) and was demolished in 1888, when the columns, etc, became available to be incorporated into the water trough we see here.

(Thanks to wikipedia for this. Read more here)