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Just published is a novel written by one of our volunteers to give to Salisbury for the 800th anniversary of its founding in 1220.   Elias: a story of the founding of Salisbury – the cathedral and the city together – is based on historical research from the sparse source material available. Sue Allenby is also able, however, to draw conclusions from other architectural projects with which Elias of Dereham was involved, as well as from all that would have influenced the lives of those people in the story.  

Sue writes this novel with real and imagined characters, their outlook and thinking distinctly thirteenth century, showing that the resilience and optimism of this lovely city was there right from the beginning. The museum’s own drainage collection is a testament to life in the medieval city, and the crafts and skills and  willingness to innovate is celebrated today in the Salisbury gallery in our museum. The King’s House itself, of course, is a significant part in the history of The Cathedral Close.  Together with the cathedral, the museum will benefit from profits from the novel.

Sue Allenby at the recent launch of her novel.

A wonderful undertaking and generous gift to cathedral and museum!