‘My Lord Pembroke’s Manor of Netherhampton’, H.Shute (1986).

Alan Crooks has received the following email concerning the Netherhampton Plague Stone about which he, Alan, wrote some time ago (see blog post 4 December 2018).

”Dear Mr Crooks,

I came across your item about the above on the internet, and realised that I have this stone. In 1986 B.T. replaced the telegraph pole in the lay-by opposite the drive to Salisbury Golf Club Drive (Roman Road) on Netherhampton Road . In so doing they either snapped off or toppled the stone. For a short time it lay on the ground at the side of the new pole. When walking my dogs I noticed that it had an Ordnance Survey Benchmark carved into it. At the time I was doing some work for a local O.S. surveyor and he told me that the O.S. had been informed and that he had been instructed him to go to site and strike out the benchmark as the datum level line would no longer be usable or accurate, the O.S. do not replace these if they become disturbed. I assumed that the stone was put in place by the O.S. and was no longer in use, so I collected it and brought it home.

Having seen your article, and the others by Chute and Alison Kidd, I now know the history of the stone , and would very much like to return it to it’s rightful place at Netherhampton . I will send a photo of the stone, or you are welcome to call here and see it. If you have  some idea of who to contact to arrange the return I would be most grateful.

As a point of interest there is a stone in the front garden of a house in Lower Bemerton that may have had a similar purpose . I mentioned this to Ann Trevett when I spoke to her, research may be a work in progress .

With best wishes,

Harry Baker”

The stone today

Let us know what happens, please, Alan