Alan has sent us this, with reference to last week’s blog about the mystery box:

I thought readers would be interested in what the Britford Church information leaflet says about the Duke of Buckingham’s tomb. I’m also attaching a photograph of the tomb in Britford Church.

“Tomb purporting to be that of Henry Stafford, Duke of Buckingham, at St Peter’s Church, Britford. The coffin is shorter than normal because the body’s head is on its chest.

The Buckingham tomb against the north wall of the chancel has been held to be that of Henry Stafford, 2nd Duke of Buckingham, who was executed by King Richard in Blue Boar Row, Salisbury, in 1483, but there are difficulties in accepting this. The tomb appears to be of an earlier style, the mouldings, finials and crockets are of a period earlier than that of the Duke of Buckingham; but the Purbeck marble slab could well be of his time. The heraldry is inconclusive. One of the shields carries the arms of the Stafford family. But it is still possible to make out a case for its being Buckingham’s tomb. He is known to have been buried at Greyfriars in Salisbury and may have been put in an old tomb chest. Both the tomb and the arch above it must have been removed at the Reformation to Britford.. The arch is not part of tomb, but may have belonged to an Easter Sepulchre. The Latin inscription was placed over the tomb by Sir Richard Hoare in 1830. the figures in the niches of the tomb are from the east.”

But is this tomb empty, as has been suggested by some? And if Buckingham is elsewhere, who was the headless man of the Blue Boar? The mystery continues….

Thank you Alan!