This email was sent to us by Volunteer Linda. I haven’t been given Linda’s surname but I believe it is Linda Salter…Someone will tell me if I am wrong!

When Bridget asked us to make poppies to be displayed in the Army Flying Museum, I thought I can’t crochet and my knitting isn’t that good, but I do have plenty of felt.

What you need:

I red felt square

1 black felt square

Black embroidery silk ( 2 strands)

You can make several out of just one felt square. Just use the drawing as a guide and make it any size you want, (mine is 7cm).

2 red cut outs and one black centre. Sew  all 3 together  with the black silk, overlapping slightly to give it extra effect of how a poppy looks.

Best wishes


What a great idea! Thank you Linda.