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On Thursday 18 July Volunteers joined a walk around Wilton and the Wilton Estate on the trail of artist, and soldier, Rex Whistler.

It was the 75th anniversary of his death, on the battlefield in Normandy.

Volunteer, Linda, who has loaned us this photograph and who arranged for the plaque which you can see, writes this:

“In the morning the guide, Margaret, gave us a great insight into how important Wilton was and how many historic places are hidden in its streets. We finished the morning with visiting Edith Olivier’s grave. She was not just an important person in Rex’s life but a very important lady in the town of Wilton, so it was with great sadness we viewed the terrible state of her memorial in the grounds of the beautiful Italianate Church. 

But of course the highlight of the day had to be actually walking where Rex walked and being in the garden of Daye House. Yes, we were transported into the paintings in the corridor. You could almost imagine Rex looking out the window and doing a quick sketch of this large group of people from the museum, probably giving us all mortar boards and gowns with his sense of humour.

A really memorable day; thank you Bridget for organising this.”

Daye House
…and as Rex Whistler painted it.