Waterloo Uncovered have sent us an update on their excavations this year which we thought we would share with you. You can find out more from their website

“Archaeology 2019

Here’s a round-up of what and where we are going to be exploring come July; this year at Waterloo we will be working across two key locations. 

Firstly, we will be continuing our work in the courtyard of Hougoumont Farm, chasing more of the large barn that was burnt during the battle and attempting to clarify the stratigraphic relationship between the stables and the barn itself.

This is likely to be our last year at Hougoumont, a wonderful place that has been our home since the start of the project – but we feel like the work we have done has really added to the story, although perhaps, as is always the case with archaeology, raised more questions than answers!

We are excited to be moving our main base of operations this year to the farm of Mont St Jean. The farm was not fought over during the battle, but was used as the field hospital for the Allied army. Quite what the archaeological record of this will be we are not sure, but we may find some disposal pits, uniforms, equipment and possibly artefacts related to the medical practices.

The archaeological methodology will be business as usual – we will metal detect the surface of the orchard and field surrounding the farm, then follow that with the opening of a series of trenches to both look for possible buried features, and clear the last 200 years of topsoil to enable us to metal detect the battle layers. We are also hoping to open a trench within the courtyard of the farm itself, in an area that is shown on contemporary pictures to have been used for the disposal of dead during the battle.”