…. the weekend of 13 14 July.

Last week’s blog highlighted the talks on offer on Saturday 13 July. This week we list what you can go to on the Sunday.

An excellent programme of talks is on offer, all at £8, which is terrific value for top class speakers who are at the forefront of archaeology, and several of whom you will know from television.

Sunday 14 July 10.30 – 11.30

Simon Cleggett ‘Wonderful Things: The Army Basing Programme and the Stonehenge Landscape’. Simon Cleggett has been at the forefront of the excavations just to the north of Salisbury, around Bulford, Tidworth and Larkhill, as the Army brings home its soldiers and builds houses for them (the Basing Programme). Some say the finds around the Anglo Saxon burials there are re-writing the history books. But there have been Prehistoric and early 20th c finds also. Join Simon for a talk about this cutting edge archaeology.

Sunday 14 July 12.00 – 13.00

Dr Alex Langlands ‘Britons, Bridges and Boroughs: Old Sarum from the Fall of Rome to the Coming of the Vikings’. Old Sarum has, in some ways, been an archaeological Cinderella in Wiltshire (or is it the bridesmaid to Stonehenge’s bride?), but it is all beginning to happen now. Our old friend, Dr Alex Langlands, is back again this year, both at Old Sarum, and at ArchFest,  to find evidence to shine a light on the area in the period of the Dark Ages. In addition to the talk, grab the chance to speak to Alex and his colleagues in the Meetings Room where there will also be results from their  collaboration on the project with local schools. There is an interesting Power Point presentation here from earlier work at Old Sarum.

Sunday 14 July 13.30 – 14.30

Christie Willis ‘Up in Flames: Cremation in Neolithic Britain‘ The Dead of Stonehenge. Science can now tell us so much more about cremated remains… particularly early cremations, as temperatures were not always enough to destroy all the bone. A few women, as well as some children, are amongst the remains at Stonehenge, but otherwise men. Their presence, and what we can learn from those remains, may solve some of the mysteries of this enigmatic place. Christie has written research papers with Mike Parker Pearson and we will hear the latest on this topic from her.

Sunday 14 July 15.00 – 16.00

Lorraine Mepham and Adrian Green: ‘More Cakes and Buns! Digging the Foundations of the Cafe’ We will miss Dr Phil Harding this year at ArchFest (he has another commitment) but we hope you didn’t miss Phil’s ‘dig’ in May. Over five hundred came to peer at a hole in the ground – now is the opportunity to see the film and listen to Lorraine Mepham of Wessex Archaeology (who assisted at the dig) and Director Adrian Green talk about what was found and what might still be there.

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