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Wonderful in a lot of ways! The weather was glorious, the crowds huge and happy, and the setting, of course, fantastic as always.

BBC favourite Antiques Roadshow was in town…

A stunning spring (early summer?) day

Rumour has it that there were 7 000 people there. One hopeful lady was in the Close for five hours of queuing but she reported that the atmosphere was so cheerful that it was a really enjoyable wait. Total strangers became friends, and places in the queue were saved while people took the chance to go and have a coffee or to go to the loo. Office workers, laden with their treasures, were turning up at the end of their working day, unable to believe the queues which were still hundreds strong.

The Salisbury Museum had its moment ‘in the sun’ with over 500 coming across to see the museum’s Scout car from 1912, and a set of stuffed peregrine falcons from the museum’s store (to go with the live ones in the tower of the Cathedral) were filmed with presenter Fiona Bruce.

Well done to staff and Volunteers who welcomed visitors and distributed leaflets. Thank you to MG Cannon who generously transported the car from our store at Old Sarum. And congratulations to the Cathedral for hosting the event. There is no firm date for the transmission of the programme but Autumn has been mentioned….