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An email came in recently for Volunteer Alan Clarke who we all know – he looks after our photographic archive. Here is the story….

…I live in Whiteparish, I’m interested in finding the negative to a picture that was taken on the 15th June 1966 at Alderbury Sports field. It was printed in the Salisbury Times on the 17th June, on page 14. I have spoken to a professional colleague of yours … who advised me that if the negative existed you would know where to look.

The picture is of Whiteparish Junior School at a sports day in Alderbury (which we won). I would like to enlarge the picture from the original negative and identify as many of the children (who are now very much older) and hang it in the new Village Hall at Whiteparish.

I would very much appreciate your invaluable help to see if the negative still exists,   

Many thanks and kind regards….”

Alan replied…

“It looks as though you might be in luck.

Salisbury museum has three images.  The Newspaper archivist only kept some of the negatives, not all.

We are scanning all the negatives at high resolution.

You should be able to download the images attached her. (See below)

The image size should be suitable for a modest sized print.”

We can provide at a far larger resolution if required.

And a further email from a satisfied customer…

“Thank you so much, that’s absolutely fantastic. It’s more than I could have hoped for!”

We are glad we could help. Thanks to Alan!