Last month, our Volunteer blog was visited 627 times. That’s not quite the record figure but not bad!

Last year we had 6136 visitors in total, so with your continued interest and involvement we should beat that figure this year. Thank you for joining us.

As you know, we have a small group of wonderful regular Volunteer bloggers whose expertise, experience, knowledge or thoughtful comment on their work at the museum has intrigued and entertained us for several years now.

Volunteer Linda Robson wrote (26 Feb) about a scheme she was involved with and, as a result, managed to find Volunteers to help. We give voice to students who visit from local schools and colleges and universities, and from partner organisations. We like to publicise some of the special events which staff are involved with. We try to keep our Volunteers up-to-date with what is happening and report on events for those unable to attend; to shine a light on as many different areas of the Volunteers’ work and of the museum as we can. Occasionally we receive responses which add to everyone’s knowledge but most comments are an encouraging “well done” from our readers.

We have over 250 Volunteers and hope that more will join in the blog by writing about why they came to Salisbury museum, about their work and experiences, about their past lives. We know, from conversation, how fascinating is the latter! Please consider putting pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and sharing. Anonymously if preferred….