Nearly eighty Volunteers and several members of staff and Trustees enjoyed the museum Christmas party last month.

The highlight (in addition to the usual excellent mulled wine and very good raffle) was the appearance of Manor Fields Primary School choir. They performed a number of Christmas songs, some of which were new to the audience, led by a very lively and obviously talented teacher and accompanied by a number of assistants. ‘Disciplined’ and ‘professional’ are words which sometimes carry the wrong meaning these days, but these youngsters were both. And fun!

At one point the music stopped…..but the choir didn’t. Well done, and well done, also, the young pupil who gave us a solo.

Thank you to Bridget for organising it all, as usual, and to the staff who left their busy desks to join in, and to Susanna Denniston, the Chairman of the Trust, and other Trustees who also joined us.

Happy Christmas everyone!