You may have read the blog contribution from James Fraser last month (27 November). We are publishing, below, some extracts from his own work diary.

“…today I have met with new people in the museum and I have got to know them and shake their hands and take photos of them in the part where they have been working. I have been independent like an adult…”

“We went to look at things made of clay, like pots and tiles.

I made a clay pot with coils. I went into the library and saw how to move the rolling shelves with a wheel.”

James remarked how he had been confident when meeting people in the staff room.

“We saw Adrian Green, the Director, who was giving out an interview to the BBC.”

A highlight seems to have been the crossbow! “We went to the Social History Store. I looked at a model of Stonehenge, an old clock, old pots…and a crossbow. I chose the crossbow because it needed packing carefully to protect it. I took the crossbow down to the workshop. I used tissue paper and foam and polywrap and I tied it up with tape and included its name and number.”

We have received a lovely letter from the family and include an extract here…

“…the balance between… expectations, and a supportive, encouraging environment was just what he (James)  needed to experience for the future. As parents we very much hope that some sort of museum would allow him to volunteer when he is older, and this has been the perfect start for the future.”

Thanks again James.