In a recent blog (25 Sept) we welcomed Emily Smith to the museum when she joined the staff here. She has sent an update on her project.

Hello, it’s Emily the Creative Wiltshire exhibition assistant here. I have been in the role for a couple of months now and things are moving along nicely. We are planning an exhibition to celebrate the Creative Wiltshire project. It will be hosted by Salisbury Museum and run from January to May 2019. The exhibition will feature items purchased by Creative Wiltshire for museums and galleries all around the county.

Over the past few months I have been busy selecting the items which will feature in the exhibition. These include works by Laurence and Rex Whistler, Howard Phipps, Jonathan Wylder and many more. This has meant a lot of research into each artist’s connection to Wiltshire and it has been really intriguing to see how the county has inspired so many different creative people.

More recently I have been designing the look of the exhibition. We hope it will be a lively exhibition, full of colour and lots to look at. This has meant experimenting with different potential wall colours and planning how the pieces are going to fit into the space. To do this I have been using a 3D model and lots of blue tack!

t’s been a very exciting process so far and I will be sure to keep you updated as we get closer to the opening.

We look forward to hearing more.