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This year The Salisbury Museum is taking part in St Thomas’s Christmas Tree Festival. Running from 4th – 9th December, it is a wonderful opportunity for staff and volunteers to get into the festive spirit, get crafting and make decorations to adorn our ‘Hoards Tree’.

Taking inspiration from the ‘Hoards: A Hidden History of Ancient Britain’ exhibition and the hoards in our Wessex Gallery, we are asking for your creations. Our 4ft tree will be topped with an upturned pot, from which hoard treasures will spill down the tree.

Do you craft; knit; sew; embroider; or work with metal or clay? Or play around with glue and scissors? We need you! The more the merrier; think coins, arrowheads, brooches, miniature shields, axeheads, pieces of jewellery etc. Decorations can be sparkly and garish, whimsical or beautifully crafted (see example pictures attached for ideas).

How to help us enter:

  • Ensure your decorations have a hole for stringing, and are not too large or heavy (within roughly 10cm).
  • Pop your decorations in an envelope with your name. A collections box will be in the Volunteer’s Cloakroom.
  • Please have your creations with us by 1st December.

Any questions, suggestions or for further information email reception@salisburymuseum.org.uk and Sophia will get back to you.

Some ideas:


Use modelling clay, or even heavy gold and silver foil



From miniature shields on display in the museum

It would be fun to have some ideas, photos of on-going projects, instructions perhaps, over the coming weeks. Please send to bridgettelfer@salisburymuseum.org.uk