My name is Anna Jowett and I’m about to start studying my A-levels at South Wilts Grammar School. My favourite subject is History and I wish to study it at university when the time comes. I applied to the museum to do a Student Placement to enable me to gain information about the local area as well as demonstrate in my CV etc. how much I love the subject. The timing was perfect because I will have had 11 weeks of summer holiday this year following GCSEs, and I don’t think anyone can spend that much time doing nothing!

I helped out with three of the museum’s Discovery Days over the summer. They were creative activities aimed at children inspired by the Henry Lamb exhibition that was going on at the time – although this influence was generally lost on the younger kids who got very excited by the amounts of glue, paint and other crafty things that enabled them to get both themselves and the tables messy! Although I have had some experience babysitting, being in the presence of so many kids for six hours or so was far more tiring than I had expected and I spent more time than you would imagine at the sink trying to clean paint out of carved-up bits of potato. However it was one of those rare times, once you get past the age of eight, that you’re allowed to paint your hands red or rip up pieces of tissue paper almost for the sake of it without anyone thinking strangely of you. It was one of the most enjoyable things that I have done this summer and it was particularly entertaining to see what all the kids were able to make out of scraps, vegetables and various other bits and bobs. I thought that I had been creative doing art GCSE but in comparison to me, they should have all got A*s!