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Hello, my name is Gregory Evans. I am a student at the Burgate School & Sixth Form Centre studying A Levels: Sociology, English Literature, and Media – I am hoping to study anthropology at university which is partly why I chose to take part in work experience with Salisbury Museum.

I particularly enjoyed meeting the volunteers and getting stuck in with the activities they had planned for us. This is because they are all so enthusiastic and willing to share their knowledge with you, which is what makes Salisbury Museum so unique and what helped me thoroughly enjoy the week . I wanted to do my work experience at the Museum because I wanted to gain an in-depth view of social cultures and societies and to do this I needed a sufficient placement. This work experience placement has inspired me to investigate certain artefacts more and explore specific periods in time which particularly interest me. New interests have been sparked because of my work experience.

During my time at the Museum I experienced various different activities for example, ceramics cataloguing with Roy & Rachel. This  was entertaining but also very informative therefore I felt extremely satisfied with this specific activity. One other activity I particularly enjoyed was the cataloguing of the Social History collection with Jean & Jane. We had no idea what was in the cupboards therefore it was mysterious and also enthralling. One specific artefact we found was the whip, this was completely unexpected which made it more exciting because of how fascinatingly peculiar the whip was.

Gregory doesn’t tell us, so we will never know….!