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Garden 2

One of the best museums in the country

You will have heard that we have a plan to leaflet the public during the school holidays. A timetable has gone up in the Volunteer cloakroom and we need Volunteers to join in please.

The plan is for a Volunteer to be at St Ann’s Gate and another at the High Street Gate every day between Monday 30 July and Friday 31 August. There are two shifts, one from about 11am – noon, the other from about 1.30pm – 2.30pm (a little earlier or later is fine).

The timetable is in the Volunteer cloakroom. Please sign up if you can spare an hour.

YOU DO NOT NEED TO SIGN IN AT RECEPTION, just take a basket of flyers (they are rolled like little scrolls) and make sure you tell your customers that they offer a free drink at the cafe. Lucky recipients may even get an offer of a glass of wine or cream tea!

Please return basket and badge at the end of your shift.

Our successful Festival of Archaeology shows we can beat Salisbury’s bad patch, if we work at it.