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Hello my name is Ella Louden. I am 17 years old, I have just finished my first year of A-levels, studying Art, Biology and Maths at Godolphin school. I am thinking about going to university and I am considering art courses. I am particularly interested in textiles and fashion.

I decided to do work experience at Salisbury Museum, shortly after visiting the museum with the school and a few of us come down to look at the costume collection. The aim was to start off our new art project which I am currently doing. It is a personal investigation on “Flowers in Art”. For my project I wanted to get the chance to have a closer look at some of the costumes they have here hidden in the boxes and also learn about the history. This experience has given me the chance to use what I have learnt and the photos I have taken to develop my project. Not only will the costumes I have seen inspire my art but also the ceramics and any other items that contained floral prints and patterns. Working at the museum has also given me the experience of learning how to catalogue, and to work alongside a lot of different people.

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What I particularly enjoyed was the ‘spotlight tour’ on Monday. This was a good start to the week as I could get a feel for the museum and what it had it to offer. I don’t know the museum very well and it was handy learn more about it before working with the volunteers.  Of course I also really enjoyed the costume cataloguing and although on the Wednesday some curtains weren’t particularly exciting, I realised you had no clue what was going to be inside some of the boxes. It was quite intriguing. I was able to see some of the beautiful lace and patterns in the fascinating clothes they used to wear and what the fashions were like in those days.  On my last day I really enjoyed cataloguing the Rex Whistler Archive. It was incredible to see he was so talented at drawing and painting even at such a young age. I got to see some of his beautiful costume designs that he had done for ballets. It was fascinating to see these designs – a bit different to his paintings shown in the museum.

Overall my week was very good and it’s been pleasure to meet all the lovely staff and volunteers who work at the museum. It is astonishing to know how little of the fascinating collection of artefacts the museum have on display and how so much effect is needed to go through the collections and catalogue it all.