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Evie 1

Evie – helping, spending time wisely and learning. Thank you!

Evie Gallagher, student placement at the museum 19-23 March 2018

 I choose Salisbury Museum as my work experience choice this year. It has been extremely enjoyable and has made me become more enthusiastic to volunteer at a museum.

I am a Year 10 student and doing my History GCSE. At school we learn about international history; so coming to the museum has allowed me to learn about local history and I can now compare history from different areas.

I have enjoyed being at the museum as it has allowed me to see many different types of jobs which must be completed to allow Salisbury Museum to run. Throughout the week I tagged along with different volunteers and got to see what they do behind the scenes. On Monday I was cataloguing different ceramics in the King’s Room with volunteer Roy Wilde. On Tuesday I was with volunteers Mary and Roger who made boxes from a sheet of cardboard for artefacts and then I was with volunteers Jane and Jean in the attic doing social history cataloguing. Wednesday I was costume cataloguing all day, where I got to see different pieces of clothing that were worn historically. On Thursday morning I was cataloguing the Stonehenge Archive with volunteers Pat and Tessa where we went through many clay pipes; and in the afternoon I was with the Communications Officer Louise imputing visitor survey data into the iPads.

I thoroughly enjoyed the social history store cataloguing as we found a solid gold pocket watch and got to see some swords. During my week at the museum I was able to learn and develop key skills, such as: communication, working as a team, and building confidence. I would recommend anyone to volunteer at a museum as you are helping them, spending time wisely and learning a lot.