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It’s ‘all change’ in the Finds Office this week, with two sad ‘farewells’.

Nina Dierks (above left), our latest intern, from Germany, has been with us for several months. Her colleague, Fiona Johnstone (above right), acting Finds Liaison Officer for the last year, describes her protege as “brilliant”.

Sadly, both are leaving us this week. For Nina it is simply time to move on. Born in Munich, she is a student of Leipzig and Bonn Universities and in the process of working towards her Bachelor’s degree. She is possibly taking up work in historic building conservation in London before returning home, and we wish her well with that. We will miss her.

Nina  has very much enjoyed her time with us, but when asked if anything has surprised her about England, she said she had expected cold and wet, but windy as well….?! We told her it was the Atlantic effect….

Fiona has been acting FLO for a year while Wiltshire FLO Richard Henry was curating the excellent and successful Terry Pratchett exhibition. Richard will be back with us next week and Fiona will move on.

Fiona was formerly a Volunteer with us, moving  on to an internship in Hampshire and Sussex. She returned when the temporary post here became available. She has progressed from volunteering to training others in the identification of archaeological finds. From the Channel Islands, Fiona read Ancient History at Edinburgh University,  graduating in 2015, and is now looking at FLO posts elsewhere. She has come a long way! We will miss Fiona too, and wish both these ladies well.