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downloadLast weekend, The Salisbury Museum was pleased to host the special 30th Anniversary Conference of the Roman Finds Group.  Eighty attended and in addition to the Conference itself there was a special Reception at Sarum College and an evening social. There was also a private tour of the Wessex Gallery and of the Terry Pratchett exhibition, guided by curator of the latter, Richard Henry.

Salisbury Museum Volunteers were involved, attending as members of the Roman Finds Group, giving talks, or providing refreshments.

Alyson Tanner, Portable Antiquities Scheme Volunteer working each week with the Finds Liaison Officer within the museum, made a presentation on finds from three sites which are in the Pitt Rivers Collection at the museum.


Other speakers included a legendary figure from the world of Roman brooches – Dr Justine Bayley – academics including Dr Bruce Eagles and Dr Miles Russell – curators and advisors and scientists from the British Museum, University College London and English Heritage – Dr Eleanor Ghey, Sally Worrall, Dr Ruth Pelling and Dr David Roberts, and many more. Local speakers included Rachael Seager-Smith of Wessex Archaeology, Dr Michael Grant from Southampton University and Dr Mike Bishop from Pewsey who started quite a discussion Roman lances, javelins and spears – and how you tell the difference!

Our own Richard Henry gave a presentation on the Pewsey hoard of Roman vessels and Louise Tunnard (Communications Officer at the museum) spoke on ‘How the Wessex Gallery was Won’. There were also speakers from Newcastle and Reading Universities and Bradford on Avon Museum.

Find out more at http://www.romanfindsgroup.org.uk/