We have very much enjoyed having a second intern from Italy working with the museum and the Portable Antiquities Scheme – Nadia Messina. Nadia has now returned to her home in Sicily. Arrivederci! She writes:

Hi everybody! My experience at Salisbury museum is running out and I will miss everything and the great people who work at the museum, especially Fiona and Richard (the best bosses ever). I loved working with them!

The view from Nadia’s office…and getting used to English tea!

I’m a field archaeologist but after this experience, I would like working in a museum.

I entered lots of interesting objects into the Portable Antiquities Scheme’s database. In particular I really liked an Anglo-Saxon jewel (an incomplete silver early medieval hooked tag inlaid with niello dating to period c. AD 700-900). And another interesting object was an complete copper alloy late Roman “propellor” type belt stiffener dating to period c. AD 350 – 450. ‘Propeller’ strap fittings are associated with the Late Roman Military.



It’s been cool working with objects from different ages. I really like the early medieval and I grew to like Anglo-Saxon material because of my experience here.

Finally I wish to thanks all for this unforgettable adventure and I hope that this is just an “arrivederci”.

Nadia’s parents wrote this comment on our blog a few weeks ago:

Siamo tanto contenti che fai la tua prima esperienza di lavoro al museo archeologico di Salisbury, certi che sara’ entusiasmante per te che ami tanto la storia e l’archeologia…Mamma e papa