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Chris Elmer, previously Head of Museum Learning and Community Engagement at Hampshire County Council and now researching a PhD at Southampton University, adapted his teaching beautifully to a much younger audience than usual for one of our Summer Discovery Days recently. Rapt seven, eight, nine and ten-year olds (and one or two babes in arms!) were thrilled to be handling real bones and flints and Roman artefacts as Chris ‘unearthed’ them while “digging with no mud”.

CE 2

The archaeologist’s ‘trench’ can be seen in the background here – green and brown and cream coloured blankets cleverly representing grass, topsoil and the lower levels of the trench itself.

Volunteers were on hand, as always, to assist: Rodney Targett, Amy Middleton and student Megan Corbett. Many thanks, as always.

The next generation of archaeologists is already on its way….