This, from one of the exhibitors at ArchFest this weekend. It says it all about everyone involved:

I haven’t stopped laughing yet!! What a way to end the weekend!!

Despite all the little difficulties, we had a brilliant two days – better than last year. The visitors who braved the conditions were genuine enthusiasts and the discussions (often protracted due to showers keeping them under cover with us) extremely varied, challenging and productive. We were all hoarse by the end of each day.

A great part of the success was due to the hard work of your team of volunteers who retained their good humour throughout. In particular the tea and coffee team really sustained us all, by their constant attention and steady supply of the cheering brews.It didn’t seem to matter what queries and problems we exhibitors threw at anyone, staff member or volunteer, they were dealt with quickly and cheerfully.

The Fire Drill was a stroke of genius to wind up the proceedings just when the rain was beginning to make us a bit despondent!! Sorry – joke intended. But again I have to say how impressed I was at the efficiency and professionalism with which you all cleared the building. I don’t know how long it took, but it was pretty damn quick – clearing the gazebos was a bit more difficult, but you still did it.

Congratulations to everyone concerned.



Emergency procedures were flawless (it wasn’t a practice!)