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20170705_155043 Emily Lomas

Hello! My name is Emily Lomas and I’m a Year 12 student at Godolphin. For my A levels I’m studying Latin, History of Art, Maths and Chemistry. I hope to go on to study Classics or History of Art at university, and I am considering working in a gallery or museum after that.

One of the reasons I chose to come to Salisbury Museum for my work experience was because it is a familiar place for me, having come here a lot with my family when I was younger, and having volunteered at the Festival of Archaeology last year. I also wanted to learn more about what it would be like to work in a museum and the different types of jobs that you can do.

During my first two days, I helped with school ceramics workshops, where the children were encouraged to look around the museum and gather ideas which they then combined with inspiration from the artist Antony Gormley to form designs for clay structures which would be part of an art exhibition at their school. I found it very rewarding to see children who had initially been reluctant to join in sketch some ideas and eventually produce some really good work.

I also helped with after-school art workshops for teenagers, which was more relaxing as they were smaller groups than the ceramics workshops, until I was asked to join in myself! Not being much of an artist, I was slightly reluctant at first to produce a sketch of an object from the collections, but it didn’t turn out too badly and it helped me to focus more closely on one particular object, rather than scanning a whole display case quickly without really examining each item.

On Wednesday morning I made a film using footage of students exploring stories and the Salisbury History Gallery collections using the Glow Wall. This was really fun to make and I really enjoyed seeing all the ideas they had come up with and incorporating them together into a short video. (We hope to put this video up for your enjoyment soon.)

On Thursday I assisted with a group of primary school children who came to learn about the museum. They were taught about the history of the building and then we helped them dress up and do some Tudor role play, which they really enjoyed! The most difficult bit was sorting out the costumes afterwards, and trying to match the ‘Tudor Lady 2’ petticoat with the ‘Tudor Lady 2’ skirt! However, it was worth it to see the children laughing as they were instructed to bow and curtsey to the visiting “prince”.

In the afternoon I went round Salisbury to deliver leaflets about the upcoming Festival of Archaeology, which, although I was a little nervous at first and I had to cope with the 30 degree July heat, turned out to be an enjoyable and valuable experience, and everyone I spoke to was very friendly.

I had an extremely enjoyable and useful week, and I would like to thank everyone at the museum for making me feel so welcome and for offering me the opportunity to do my placement here.

Thank you Emily.  You are always appreciated!