We will all have had the last minute, intriguing, email from Bridget last week, informing us that access into and within the Close was to be severely restricted on the Thursday. During Wednesday, the grass to the west of the Cathedral was transformed with tiered seating and marquees and there was the sound of military bands and marching boots as rehearsals took place.  The sadly now familiar business of pulling up man-hole covers and careful resealing them after a search, took place. On Thursday police were everywhere and bags were searched, but it is to everyone’s credit that this manages to be done in a still relatively relaxed atmosphere.

Who was coming? What was happening? Again, sadly, once upon a time it would have been all over the newspapers and local people would have been able to join in the fun but it is the way of the world now that it cannot be. Nevertheless, those of us in the Close were pleased to watch and enjoy the Army Air Corps celebrate its 60th anniversary with Prince Charles.

Their pride was evident in the immaculate uniforms, marching and music. Prince Charles arrived, appropriately, in a helicopter, which landed in the Close and after speeches, presentation of colours and a brief service, we understand that a good lunch was enjoyed by all.



Happy Birthday!