Emily Smith is currently studying for her MA in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. As part of her course she is doing a placement at the museum working on the cataloguing of the art collection. Below is her second blog about her placement here.

Hello, it’s Emily again!

I am now half way through my collections placement with Salisbury Museum and I am still loving it! Tracy McLelland and I have made great progress with the fine art picture stores, managing to complete one whole chest. This has involved a lot of rummaging around and detailing our findings on the infamous MODES.

I have managed to get to grips with MODES now and I feel really lucky to be adding to the work of so many others before me who have documented the many wonderful things that Salisbury Museum has collected. There is not too long to go until I finish my placement so Tracy and I are hoping to finish as much as we can. We will be starting a new task next week, where we will be trying to find the items we haven’t ticked off yet. This process can only be compared to a treasure hunt where you need to follow all the clues to (hopefully!) find the item we are looking for. Fingers crossed these next few weeks won’t go too quickly as I am really enjoying my placement and I don’t want it to end!