My name is Emily Smith and I am currently an MA student studying Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. I’m writing my dissertation at the moment so have some time to come back home whilst I research. I volunteered with Salisbury Museum during my early summers at university so I was really happy to be able to get a placement in the collections department whilst I am back in the area.

I have never worked in a museum’s collection before but employing some useful knowledge from my course I feel ready to get stuck in. The collections are such a vital part of any museum that I know experience in this area will be really worthwhile.

I am currently partnered with another volunteer Tracy, and we are tackling the fine art picture stores. Our job is to go through the pictures making sure they are labelled correctly and match the records on MODES (I’ve had my introduction to MODES and although I’m excited to get to grips with it, I’m not sure it’ll be the easiest relationship!). This is such a thrilling opportunity to see what is hidden in the museum stores and I’m sure there will be many treasures to find.

I will be here until July and I can’t wait to see what the collections have in store.