Grace Clark has been working with us as a placement student from Bournemouth University

This is my second blog entry from my forty week placement at the museum. I am over halfway through my time here now, and what an experience it has been so far!  Not only have I progressed with my experience, handling and identifying objects, I have also improved my efficiency on photo editing! All of this is down to the fantastic support of the staff and of course the volunteers at the museum. Since my first blog entry I have recorded another 200 finds, making my total over 400, which I am very pleased with. As well as the recording total, I have also edited a total of 432 finds.

Two of my favourite records are these – the horse tether point and the harness pendant:


Horse tether

Stone horse tethers were commonly used during the 19th century AD and it is thought that they were utilised for a “cock horse”, which is essentially a spare horse for when the terrain got challenging.


Horse harness pendant (look closely for coat of arms!)

This harness pendant is dated to the medieval period (AD 1300- AD 1400). The coat of arms on the shield may be that of de Clare, Earl of Gloucester..

As well as fulfilling the duties for the PAS, I have also been doing some fascinating work with the development and completion, with Joyce Paeson, of the Rena Gardiner exhibition which recently went on view to the public.  Not only was it a privilege to be part of the construction of an exhibition with the lovely and unique work of Rena Gardiner, it was also a fantastic opportunity to learn various skills.

I only have a couple of months left with the museum. The past five months have gone away so quickly, but I still have time to learn new skills and techniques as well as develop them!