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February 28th marks my last day as Salisbury Museum’s Aspire Trainee – I am not quite sure where the last seven months have gone!

In July 2016, I entered into the role remarkably naïve to the phenomenal hard work put in by all those at the Museum. Since then, I have learned how to produce exhibition and learning content, discovered hugely obscure facts about John Constable, aided in delivering school workshops, given a speech to 30 heritage professionals, produced trails, helped market a major exhibition, shadowed at Tate Britain, helped to construct (and carry!) a LEGO masterpiece – and those were just some of the highlights.


Having always been fascinated by the role of museums and heritage, particularly at university, I knew that I wanted to work in such an environment. However, after graduating I soon realised the difficulties that young people face gaining experience (especially paid) in these types of roles. I have been incredibly fortunate to have been given the opportunity by the museum and the Aspire Project to develop the skills needed to propel myself into a heritage career; an experience I will endeavour not to let go to waste. Nevertheless, I am very aware that these opportunities are few and far between, which is why I believe partnerships such as Aspire are so very important to the future of heritage. I would like to give my thanks to all those on the Aspire project for all their hard work.

A massive thank you to all at Salisbury Museum, particularly to those I have worked closely with and who have taught me so much during my traineeship. A special thank you most of all to Joyce (Paeson) – for all the exhibition help and advice, for sharing her office and for constantly providing me with a supply of much-needed support and coffee.


It has been a pleasure to work alongside all the staff and volunteers at the museum and to be part of such an incredible and worthwhile partnership. I wish the museum and you all a wonderful and prosperous future. I will miss working within this role a great deal (I can’t promise that I won’t pop in to visit every now and again). I will also be leaving my Reception role at the end of April, having spent nearly two years as part of the Visitor Service Team it will be hard to say goodbye!

Now, to put this training to good use and turn my attention to the next adventure….

Best wishes, Nicola

And our best wishes go with you Nicola…