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Kate Wickson and Ian Dixon

Where is this new museum?

  • Over 350 visitors pass through in an hour and a half.
  • Sixty 3D dinosaur reconstructions vie for display space. Do you know your stegosaurus from your triceratops?
  • Visitors investigate Charles Darwin’s theories of the evolution of beaks and the similarities between human and primate behaviours. Do your facial mannerisms resemble those of chimpanzees or orang utans?
  • Art works in clay, pastels, water colour and collage vividly demonstrate the impact of Stonehenge on the artist’s imagination. How would you depict sunrise behind the trilithons?
  • Entry is free and visitors enthusiastically chat with exhibitors and staff about the displays, how they have been curated and their contribution to learning.
  • All this joy of learning without tests!

Guessed it?

This all happened at Wyndham Park Infant School mini-museum – the culmination of an outreach project organised by our Learning Officer Owain Hughes with Sharina Yark, Wyndham Park History co-ordinator.

The idea grew from Owain’s suggestion (to the local primary school history cluster) that we can support schools in delivering their curriculum through visits to Salisbury Museum and outreach work from Owain and his team of volunteers.

In this case, the three Year 1 classes visited the Wessex Gallery and Owain’s workshops and the three Reception classes and three Year 2 classes each received visits and support in school. The climax of the project was the mini-museum. All 270 pupils contributed to a display in their school hall which opened for an afternoon with all classes visiting, as well as families dropping in to enjoy the exhibition of the children’s work.

As well as providing a vehicle for much enjoyable learning in school, the project clearly raised awareness of, and enthusiasm in the community for, our museum and the services it provides.

Thank you, Ian Dixon, Kate Wickson, Sue Bale and Catherine Hazard