Lydia Lambert – Work Experience Placement at Salisbury Museum

I started my placement at Salisbury Museum in June last year as part of my Masters Degree in Cultural Heritage and Resource Management at Winchester University.  Part of the reason I chose this course was the chance to experience Heritage Management in practice and to see how the professionals really do things.


Lydia (far right)

Salisbury Museum has been a fantastic placement opportunity and experience; in my eight months with the museum I have been lucky enough to experience a huge range of activities and work with many of the staff and volunteers. My work has included working on the Picture Store Audit with David Balston and Tracy McClelland, including training on MODES (David has been very patient!), assisting Owain Hughes at the Chalke Valley History Festival, helping out at the Archaeology Festival and other museum in-house events and working on the Volunteers’ and Members’ surveys.

A large proportion of my time has also been working alongside Sara Willis the museum’s Development Officer.  This experience has been invaluable, funding and support are clearly critical to the running of any museum and to understand how Sara works, putting together bids for funding, working with artists, charities and foundations and knowing just about anybody there is to know has been so useful and relevant.  I have really enjoyed working with all the staff and the volunteers I have met at the museum, everyone has been so friendly and willing to share their knowledge.

I can’t bring myself to say ‘goodbye’ to the museum completely, I have grown to love the place too much so, although I am now disappearing to write my dissertation I will still be volunteering for events – so hopefully see you all again soon.

Thank you Lydia!