We are always pleased to have feedback – compliments or constructive criticism  – on the blog. Thank you to James here, who has enjoyed recent entries…

Dear Bridget,

Thank you for another stimulating and varied Blog.  Well done. I much enjoyed the photo: ‘A Poignant View ..’ It certainly is, but the view has not changed that much in the intervening years .. about 70 of them!

The Guildhall Square is still there, as is the War memorial, the market and the streets, and the traffic lights! The photo was probably taken in 1945 or 1946, in March or April and in the morning. It is interesting to note the absence of children, who were probably all at school.  The only young men are the two servicemen, on the left from the RAF (from Boscombe Down, or Old Sarum or High Post?), and on the right from the Army.  He is being ‘idle’ with his hand in his pocket, but his battle-dress uniform looks much tidier than the modern combat suit worn today!

Everyone wore hats still, and the women wore ‘sensible’ clumpy shoes! The whole scene looks cold, but is easily identified even today. Many thanks for the fun.

A very happy New Year to all the staff, and yours ever,  James Thompson.

And a Happy New Year to you James, and, indeed, all our readers.