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Last Sunday , 8th January, was Plough Sunday – the traditional start of the agricultural year.  On the first Sunday after Epiphany, a plough share was often, and sometimes still is, brought in to church for blessing. Work in the fields did not start until the Monday. Today, tractors may be brought to the church also.

Volunteer Alan Clarke has this for us….


This photograph is from January 1957.  The photograph file name is “SJA-01282A 19570113 Plough Service Nunton Church.jpg”  I emailed it to a friend who has lived in Nunton for a considerable time and received this reply.

“Notice the military insignia on the stole of the priest.  He was Canon Hughes who was a retired Deputy Champlain General.  The organist who is wearing the short surplice served for a very long time.  Ernest Fray was the son of the farmer at Lower Farm almost opposite the church.  There is a wall plaque near the organ commemorating his long service as organist of the parish from 1908 until 1970.  The man in the foreground is Peter Martin, the farmer.  He is now (2016 CE) retired and still lives in the village.  His son Simon  runs his farm which is the one on the road to Odstock as you leave the village and the only one of the three farms still working.

Canon Hughes knew people at the BBC and occasionally services were broadcast.  The microphones, right foreground, suggest that this was one of those occasions.”