My name is Grace Clark and since September I have been conducting part of my forty week placement at Salisbury Museum with the Portable Antiquities Scheme (PAS). I am currently a Bournemouth University undergraduate student, but very much enjoying my time at the Museum, and definitely noticing the benefits for working under the PAS.

I am working at the Museum until April 2017, and in my first two months being here, I have already learnt a number of interesting, and beneficial skills (under the supervision of Richard Henry, the Finds Liaison Officer, and Cristina Sanna, PAS intern). My role is to record finds that are made and reported to the scheme by metal detectorists in Wiltshire. Further tasks include photographing objects and ‘photo shopping’ them so that they can be recorded on the British Museum site.

So far I have recorded 161 finds, and to celebrate my 100th recording, a picture was posted on the Museum’s social media pages.


This find was a decade (ten bead) rosary ring, dating to between the 16th and 17th centuries AD.  It may have been used secretly by a Roman Catholic of the period who had to hide his religion but who, nevertheless wished to say his prayers in the way he had been taught. Rosaries like these are used by either rotating the ring or just holding the bead between a finger and thumb while praying.

As I am here for a few month, Richard has plans for me to contribute further work in projects, and education. I am also lined up to do some exhibition work with Joyce in the New Year, all of which I am very excited to do! From this, I can strongly say that working for the PAS is a fantastic opportunity, and I very much look forward to learning more beneficial skills to help me pursue my career, all of which will be mentioned in my next entry!