I’m Rose Brennan, a 14 year old student from Herefordshire. “Herefordshire? Wow, what a long way!” was a phrase that I heard nearly every day, although I never tired of it.  In fact, it caused a rather funny coincidence – the ‘Salisbury from the Meadows’ artwork by Constable was visiting, and had just been to Wales, which is remarkably close to my small town.

Anyway – I’m only at high school, and I’ve just started my GCSEs (yay… how fun).  I’m studying history (what a shock), geography, computer science and French.  It was my intention to come here for my work experience, and I was overjoyed when the e-mail came through from Bridget, saying that I was able to come.  I’ve been staying with my amazing Gran all week, and I’m quite surprised that she has managed to put up with my endless jabbering about history and Star Wars and what I’ve done that day.

I think the things that I remember the most are helping out with the children, and the apparently boring job (I found it interesting, actually) of alphabetically ordering a drawer of a filing cabinet.  I’m actually smiling as I remember the last school group we had in – we did a little drama at the end, and one of the children (only year 4) had to pretend to be dead.  Owain asked him how he felt.  There was around 5 seconds of silence before the kid said “I’m feeling dead”.  That made me chuckle quite a bit.

Now, we should talk about the staff.

Meraki – it’s one of those words that somehow got lost in translation.  It loosely means “to do something with devotion and love”.

It’s a beautiful word that I feel encompasses the atmosphere of all of the staff and volunteers who walk the corridors of the museum daily.  In everything that they do, you can see the passion for their job and the complete attention that they give it.  Although some of the tasks are hard, or maybe even deemed boring, they just get on with it, with seemingly endless patience.

So, yes, you could say that they have won my admiration.  To all those who have worked with me – Owain, Nicola, Joyce, Bridget, Valerie, Val, the costume volunteers – I thank each and every one of you.  But I cannot leave out everyone who has been so so kind to me – even if it’s just saying hello or opening the rope for me, asking what I was doing that day or offering to sign me out – it just made me feel included.  I felt here as if I was being treated like I wasn’t some nerdy teenager who’s awful at maths and has no common sense – I felt like someone who had a good amount of responsibility, whom others were trusting with work.  And the kids… wow, the kids.  Such fresh and intelligent minds, who seemed shocked at my knowledge of Pokemon, and who treated me as if I was an adult or one of their helpers.

I can’t think of a better place to have done my work experience.  No one brushes you off, they listen avidly to any questions and answer them to the best of their abilities.  If anyone is questioning work experience, and this is one of the shortlisted places… I do not know what you are waiting for!

Thank you again to everybody here, you all make this Museum the special and beautiful place it is.

Rose Brennan

Thank you Rose. We will miss you…