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Nicola Trowell, our Aspire Trainee, sends us her latest report…

It’s been a creative couple of weeks in my traineeship. From writing a Christmas press release to thinking up Constable craft activities, I have really had to put my brain to work!

A main focus of mine over the past few weeks has been developing plans for our outdoor Constable trail. This involved a lot of walking around Salisbury and The Close, gaining inspiration for possible activities and questions to include within the trail. With the help of Owain, our Learning Officer, a general layout was put together. I was then able to take these ideas to our brilliant designer, who is currently in the process of creating the finished product!

With the trail now out of my hands, it meant that the last of my individual projects was effectively finished – with this in mind, it was time for me to look ahead. Last Saturday was the November session of our monthly Young Curators Club, run by Katy (City Story Officer). The Club is something I am very passionate about, as getting younger generations more involved in museums is one of my main career goals. Therefore, I was very happy when a few weeks ago, Katy asked me to help plan an activity for this Constable themed session. The first part of the morning would involve a fabulous actor, Tim, taking on the persona of the ghost of John Constable. Mr. Constable’s ghost gave the attendees a brief background to his life, before showing them around the exhibition itself. It was then my job to create a Constable craft activity to do for the rest of the session. Wanting to create something novel that the children could take home, I began looking into the possibility of creating semi-3D versions of Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows. Knowing my drawing skills were probably not up to the job, I asked Chris, one of our reception staff, if he would be able to create such an activity.

drawingsBig thanks must go to Chris, he really went above and beyond what I asked of him! He drew the most amazing Cathedral, tree and horse and cart, all of which would stand up against another hand drawn background. The Young Curators were then able to colour/paint the cut outs and background to make their own 3D version of the painting. The finished products were simply outstanding and a great deal of artistic license being used meant that they were all brilliantly unique!

Below are just a few examples of the finished product!



I really enjoyed both the planning and the actual session and hopefully, if Katy will have me back, I can continue to do more sessions with the Young Curators.