October Big Draw 2016 (latest news from Aspire Trainee Nicola Trowell)

The last Tuesday of October was an exciting day here at the Museum – it was time for our annual Big Draw event, which was aptly themed around John Constable and Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831. To make the day even more amazing, we were lucky enough to have Talkaoke (a pop-up talk show) at the event!

Talkaoke involves “the flying saucer of chat” – a ring structure with a member of the crew, Mikey, sitting in the centre. Anyone and everyone is then invited to join the table and discuss their thoughts with other visitors and Mikey on various subjects. Due to our theme, dialogue focused predominantly on John Constable and Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows (however throughout the day I heard many other weird and wonderful topics discussed!). To add even more fun to the dialogue – also present was a screen featuring the famous painting. The painting on this screen was being continuously edited by another of the Talkaoke team, in order to reflect the discussions going on. For example, when asked what would make the painting better, one participant suggested adding the Museum’s Giant and HobNob to the picture!


(with apologies to John Constable!)

A big thank you to the Talkaoke team – it was great fun and so interesting to hear how different people reacted to the painting, especially our younger visitors! See more of the creations by clicking here.