Nicola Trowell has been working as the Salisbury Museum’s Aspire Trainee.  Her role is in working with the Museum’s  Constable in Context exhibition, running from 17 September 2016- 25 March 2017.

When the Constable in Context exhibition first opened last month, I briefly worried that I would feel a loss of purpose in my traineeship. However I would argue that the opposite has happened – I am now busier and more inspired than ever!

For the last month or so I have been predominantly focused on finalising a Constable-themed trail around the Museum, in order to have it ready for October Half Term. This has been very exciting for me, as it involved discussing proposals with a designer and seeing my ideas really come to life. It was a lovely feeling to finally receive approval for the trail last week and hold a finalised physical copy! The trail is now being handed out at the front desk to families and so far the feedback from them has been positive!


When I have not been designing trails, I have been partaking in Constable Outreach and marketing. One of my highlights from the last month was visiting a group with Learning Disabilities. We made rainbows using a torch, a glass of water and piece of paper; we drew pictures of different weathers; and we discussed Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows 1831. Some of their descriptions of the painting were incredible – and it really brought home to me how art can move and affect us all in different ways. This trip has really inspired me to work towards making art and heritage more easily accessible to groups who may not always have the means to access it themselves.

Next up on my project list is creating an outdoor family trail based around Constable. At the moment, this involves me walking around a very autumnal and beautiful Salisbury!


Nicola Trowell