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Never volunteer! Or that is what I was told when being called up for the army, but throughout my life I have volunteered for numerous causes including the army, Cubs, a school PTA and blood donation. My reward? It was seeing the pleasure and help it gave to youngsters in particular.

Now I have volunteered at the Museum, archiving old photo negatives since my hobby is photography, and I am very interested in local landscape and people. I have found the task of great interest and, though some of it is just routine, every now and then I find a real gem. I have found photos of both my parents, one of my sisters and will hope to find the rest of my siblings. In-laws, old friends and places that have since changed out of all recognition have all appeared from the archive. This has brought back many old memories of different things that have happened to me and the places I have lived and worked since I have been  in Wiltshire. Some memories good, some bad and some funny!

So all in all I enjoy volunteering and get a lot of satisfaction from it. Give it a try. You never know what you may find along the way, and it may just be what you are looking for.

My longest running volunteering effort, and the one I am most proud of, has been blood donation for which I have just completed my 100th donation. Though you never see the results, who knows who you may have helped. Why not give that a try as well?

Graham Chubb


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