We are more than pleased that, occasionally, readers comment on our blog posts.  You may notice the indication of a comment where it appears in the upper right hand corner of the post itself.  A comment today, from Volunteer Sue Allenby, is so interesting we have decided to give it greater prominence here (with her permission):

Further to the blog on the Constable in Context Exhibition from a volunteer who so obviously enjoyed it, I do so agree and I have a further comment to make:

For my first ‘slot’ as a volunteer for Constable in Context, apart from walking round the Museum, I was positioned in the corridor at the beginning of the Exhibition. So many people came up and asked me where the Constable was without having looked at the earlier depictions of the Cathedral, I decided to say “not yet” and to guide them gently into the first room and point out what they were seeing in there, then on to the lovely but restrained Frederick Nash watercolours in the corridor, remarking that they should remember how shocking contemporaries found Constable, and that this was the way for them to experience the same emotions. Only then did I show them into the gallery where the Constable hung. The sharp intake of breath as they suddenly understood the point of the Exhibition was very rewarding.