Wiltshire in 100 objects!

The lovely works of Anna Dillon and the story of the North Wessex Downs have left and have made way for Wiltshire in 100 objects. It has been inspired by the British Museum/BBC Story of the World in 100 Objects and this project, which tells a ‘Story of Wiltshire in 100 Objects’, has at its heart the collections of museums across the County. It is supported by the Arts Council England through the Renaissance Strategic Support Fund. The project has been led by the Wiltshire Museum as part of the Wessex Museums Partnership with Salisbury Museum and the Dorset County Museum. The project is also supported by Wiltshire Council and Swindon Borough Council.

This project seeks to set out a history of Wiltshire, as told through 100 objects held by museums across the County. There are millions of objects held by museums in Wiltshire so choosing just 100 was a challenge and the final selection can only represent some of the stories from Wiltshire’s past. The objects have been chosen by managers, curators and historians from museums large and small but all of them caring for a part of Wiltshire’s rich heritage.

The 100 Objects are an assorted mix when put together, like a cabinet of curiosities, but each has its own role to play in telling part of the Wiltshire Story. In the 16th century cabinets of curiosities were also known as ‘wonder rooms’; when visiting this exhibition we hope you find the experience like being in a wonder room of Wiltshire!

by Joyce Paesen, Exhibitions Officer