If you were in the Museum on Monday you cannot have failed to have noticed the buzz! The Wessex Museums Partnership, of which The Salisbury Museum is a member, held a Conference at the Museum and about one hundred were welcomed through the doors.

The Wessex Museums Partnership is a thriving partnership of five leading museums across Dorset and Wiltshire. By working together, the museums – Poole,  Dorset County (Dorchester), Russell-Cotes (Burnemouth) and Wiltshire Museum (Devizes), along with Salisbury – can be ambitious in their plans. An early project is the Spotlight Loan Tour whereby each of the museums is lending a key object to each of the other museums in turn. Currently exhibited at Salisbury Museum is the Tibetan Teapot from the Russell-Cotes Art Gallery and Museum in Bournemouth. Still to come, the Bronze Age woman’s burial hoard from Wiltshire Museum, the Poole Pottery Empire Airways Dish, and the Iron Leg Shackles from Dorchester Museum. Each has its own fascinating story.

The Conference has been described as “inspiring” by those who attended (see the tweets and Facebook page!) and this is not surprising when we see who was speaking – Georgia Mallin from the British Museum, Gracie Divall from the Tate, as well as experts from the five Wessex Museums and local interested bodies.

Watch this space!