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Our beloved Constable’s Salisbury Cathedral from the Meadows is finally where it belongs, in our exhibition gallery! After five years it is back for six months, right into the landscape that inspired Constable.

It didn’t come here by accident but it was carefully planned for. For the last year we have been working hard on this project. As the exhibitions officer I was responsible for arranging everything from the layout, transport, insurance and loans, to painting the space and actually hanging the works on the wall.

This year I was fortunate to work with Nicola Trowell, who is our trainee for this project. She helped me in doing the research and captions.

As you hopefully know by now, we are in a five year project with the Aspire Partnership (Tate, National Museum Wales, National Museums Scotland, Colchester + Ipswich museums and Oriel Y Parc). The six- footer came from Oriel Y Parc in St. Davids, Wales, it took a long way to get here. 322 km to be precise.

I am particularly proud of the third room of the exhibition, which shows Constable’s influence on 20st and 21st Century artists. It shows how important that big painting is, and how it has become part of our mindset.

The thing I have loved the most in working on this exhibition is having such a great team to fall back on. My colleagues, volunteers and everybody else that helped. We are amazing!

img_5304The A team of painters

img_5365…and don’t we have a lovely Medieval building?  It was tight, with only 2cms to spare!

img_5314Hanging some works from our own collection

img_5367In our gallery, almost ready to go on the wall

img_5321My dog was very happy I was home and at last able to give her some attention, instead of the exhibition!