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Training is taking place today (Tuesday) for Constable in Context, opening on Saturday 17 September.  Thank you for coming and thank you for your help. Make sure friends and family know about this stunning exhibition….


Salisbury from the Meadows_0


It is not an exhibition of Constable’s paintings, however. This famous view of Salisbury Cathedral will be there, but, equally fascinating in their way, so will some Turner paintings and others. This is an exhibition that puts John Constable’s painting of the Cathedral literally in context. 

Constable’s style of painting was very avant garde at the time and he inspired others to new ways of working. The Museum will have on display a series of local views (loaned by the Tate, the Ashmolean, and also from our own collection) from before Constable’s time, and after, right up to 2007, in order to show how perceptions and perspectives have changed.

One question from the floor at this morning’s training session brought forth an interesting answer. What was the significance of the rainbow? Those who know the Close may be aware that it ends (in the painting) at Leadenhall – home to Constable’s dear friends the Fishers and the painting was completed soon after the Rev Dr Fisher’s death.