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The NADFAS heritage volunteers, who look after the Salisbury Museum costume collection, met with Director Adrian Green and other volunteers recently to review the processes involved with cataloging, and to update on the dreaded moth and carpet beetle threat.

The Museum has hundreds of beautiful, endlessly fascinating and sometimes unique items of costume, some dating back hundreds of years. A frightening range of creatures find them tempting as sustenance in one way or another, notably moths and carpet beetles.

Frass is the fine powdery refuse or fragile perforated wood produced by the activity of boring insects. Insect droppings. Director Adrian Green showed examples of the coloured dust to look for inside the covers used to protect the garments. The red dress here had been attacked by something which had left just such dust in its cover.


The dress will now be wrapped carefully in heavy plastic, sealed with carpet tape and put in a freezer for sometime in order to kill off any remaining bugs.