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DSC00008Emily Lomas

My name is Emily Lomas and I volunteered at Salisbury Museum for the Festival of Archaeology on the 23 and 24 July. I have just completed my GCSEs, and one of the things I am considering doing in the future is studying Archaeology at university. I was keen to volunteer for this event as I had attended it the previous year and really enjoyed listening to all the fascinating speakers.

I was allocated a role in the Lecture Hall, where the ticketed talks took place. My duties involved making sure the hall stayed tidy, setting out chairs and making members of the audience feel welcome.

I particularly enjoyed this role because as well as meeting people and generally helping out, I was able to listen to the inspiring talks that took place over the weekend, which was an amazing opportunity for me. The speakers talked about a wide variety of topics, and I found all of the talks really interesting and informative. Having recently visited the Sunken cities: Egypt’s Lost Worlds exhibition at the British Museum and the Writing for Eternity: Decoding Ancient Egypt exhibition at the Salisbury Museum, I found the two lectures about Ancient Egypt particularly interesting. Professor Richard Parkinson’s talk about Ancient Egyptian poetry opened my eyes to the beauty and depth of this literature, and I found Dr Toby Wilkinson’s lecture about Ancient Egyptian history intriguing.

Everyone at the museum was incredibly welcoming and helpful and I felt very well looked-after. I really benefited from this opportunity as I learnt so much and had a truly enjoyable weekend.